Cat Adoption Application
NOTICE TO ALL APPLICANTS: Please be advised that Best Friend cat and Animal Adoption Inc is a New Jersey based rescue/adoption organization. It is our policy to adopt cats to homes in New Jersey, parts of New York and parts of Pennsylvania only. it is also our policy to have Best Friend cat and Animal Adoption Inc representatives make home visits for every adoption. If you live beyond our geographical boundaries we hope you will contact rescue organizations closer to your home.

This information is requested so that we can assist you in the selection of your new cat. This information will be kept strictly confidential.

Since the animals on our website depend on us to be their advocates, their welfare is given our careful consideration when selecting a home that will be the best for their needs. The consultation process is designed to help us assist you in finding the animal most compatible with your lifestyle.

Please fill in all information as it applies to you. Once complete, please submit the form. We will review the information and contact you as soon as possible. Please note that only an adoption application that is completely filled in will be considered by our application reviewers.

Thank you for considering adopting a cat from Best Friend cat and Animal Adoption!